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Customer Support

bulletIn the Internet age, we do most of our support on-line.  We use advanced technologies which permit us to see the programs on YOUR desktop (that you enable), and to see the ones on our desktops.  We can also swap control of each other's input devices, so we can show you exactly, one your computer, where to find something.  This technology is free, and requires only an Internet connection.  Ours are very high speed, so yours don't have to be.  The software normally can pass through firewalls.
bulletWe also maintain ftp pages, per customer, with dedicated, exclusive user IDs and passwords.  This permits us to exchange complete model files and databases which are otherwise too big for email attachments.
bulletOur customers normally receive a response within a half day to routine inquiries, and they also have our pager and cell phone numbers for emergencies.


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