CWhiz (from Ketron Management Sciences) is a Linear Programming optimizer which is configured to be launched from Microsoft Access.  Macros and Forms in Access are used to import data from the customer's data sources, build the data into the modeling format for the optimizer, launch the optimizer, and then retrieve and present the results.

Sales Assistant

Sales Assistant is a tool designed for Telephone sales people who are selling commodities from multiple plants.

It improves profitability by permitting the salesman to see his cumulative margin on the entire order.  Commonly the first product requested is a "benchmark" product, the one which the buyer thinks he knows the price, and will often negotiate to get a better deal.  The buyer typically knows the subsequent products less, and this tool permits the salesman to know the price he should try for on these subsequent products to make up the lost margin on the initial product. 

Enterprise Optimizer
Enterprise Optimizer is a linear programming environment which permits the entry of a virtually unlimited number of process flows linked in innumerable ways.  When an analysis becomes too complicated for a spreadsheet, LP analysis can point the way to greater profitability.
Web-site Programming

Most of our implementations use some form of Intranet access for customers, so we've become proficient at the intricacies of scripting data-base access, searches, and other automated procedures.  We are NOT artists (can't you tell?).  If you need some more automated procedures for an intranet, look over some of the things we've done for publicly-accessible web sites, and if you see something similar to what you might want, ask about it.

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