Sales Assistant is a tool designed for Telephone sales people who are selling commodities from multiple plants.

It improves profitability by permitting the salesman to see his cumulative margin on the entire order.  Commonly the first product requested is a "benchmark" product, the one which the buyer thinks he knows the price, and will often negotiate to get a better deal.  The buyer typically knows the subsequent products less, and this tool permits the salesman to know the price he should try for on these subsequent products to make up the lost margin on the initial product. 

The Sales person enters the desired product name and Sales Assistant presents a view of the product availability, freight rates, plant margin, industry published prices, company published prices.  The BEST source of each of these is shown highlighted.

Once the salesman selects the initial product and plant, the system tracks the cumulative profit margin.  All products are presented with a button to change the price of that product so that the cumulative margin on the order is reset to management's target margins or the current margin on the order.

The Sales Assistant system is normally implemented with automatic update modules to retrieve the latest production plan, inventory, prices and freight rates at least daily.  Various reports are generated for management, as well as updates back to the company's master files.



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